10 MARCH 1950, Page 17

Post Office and Public

SIR,—There was a time when the English Post Office prided itself on delivering letters even if the address on them was defective. Now that is all changed. Recently I sent a letter to someone who lives in Redington Roadd.N.W.3. The letter was correctly addressed except that I put S.W.3 instead of N.W.3. Now there' is only one Redington Road in London, and the postman who delivers there doubtless knows perfectly well the names of the people living in the street, but none the less the letter came back marked "Insufficiently addressed." I had another letter back which I sent to a firm in Regent Street, whose name is a household word, because I had not put the number on it. It all shows a bad spirit, a general desire not to serve the ptiblic but to seize any excuse to be obstructive.— Yours faithfully, ALGERNON B. DALE. 'von House, Broad Chalke, Salisbury.