10 MARCH 1990, Page 27

Sir: It seems that with the sad disappear- ance of

Fleet Street as we knew it, other traditions also have vanished. How many times was I told, 'Yes, but dog does not eat dog'? Now, alas, dog is ready to eat even dead dogs. Even allowing for the modish 'warts and all' obituaries of our less civilised world, was it not unnecessary for George Gale to include in his memories of Henry Fairlie not only his sordid anecdote but several remarks greatly hurtful to his wife and children?

No doubt some sides of Henry's charac- ter are better forgotten, but those who knew him well will choose to remember him for his wit and intelligence and a warmth and generosity of heart that made him the instant friend of children and the very old alike.

Claudia Worsthorne

6 Kempson Road, London SW6