10 MAY 1856, Page 11


Lord Wodehouse, now appointed Minister Plenipotentiary to St. Peteiv- burg, is thirty years of age ; and has filled the post of Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs since December 1852. He was educated at Eton and Christchurch, and gained first-class honours at Oxford in 1847. In the same year he took his seat in the House of Lords; and married Florence, eldest daughter of the Earl of Clare. Lord Wodehouse's father died hi 1834; he succeeded to the Peerage in 1846, on the death of his grandfather, who had for many years been Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk. The Weds:- houses of Kimberley have held lands and knightly rank in that county for at least seven hundred years ; but they became possessed of Kimberley in 1386, by the marriage of Sir John Wodehouse with the heiress of the Fait- toffs. Lord Wodehouse is seventeenth in direct male descent from John Wodehouse who fought at Agincourt, " the beloved esquier " and eventually executor of King Henry the Fifth. The Wodehouses have at many periods represented their native county from the earliest returns to Parliament. The politics of the family were Jacobite, and then Tory, for several generations, and the last Lord was the acknowledged and respected head of that party in Norfolk.

Young Lord Wodehouse carefully and independently thought out his own political opinions : he is a decided Liberal, but eminently moderate, con- ciliatory, and practical; possessing indefatigable industry, a fearless love of truth, and a mind active, vigorous, and logioal He enters on his deli- cate and important mission with a thorough acquaintance with the diplo- - matic proceedings of the last four years, in the full enjoyment of youth and health and energy. We wish him all success in his heuourahlc career, and a future marked by useful exertions in the faithful service of his country.