10 MAY 1856, Page 12



Ministerial Bills Introduced, 61.

Received the Royal Assent 1$ Withdrawn (Partnership Amendment Bill—for which No. 2 has been substituted ; Local Dues on Shipping Bill) 2 Gone to the Lords 4

In progress n


IN .Progress—Leading Measures of the Session.

Partnership Amendment (No. 2) Read a first time. Willa and Administrations Ditto.

London Corporation Ditto. Parochial Schools (Scotland) Ditto. Education (Scotland): for Burghs Ditto. Court of Exchequer (Scotland) Ditto. Judicial Procedure, &c., (Scotland) 'Ditto.

Joint-Stock Companies Read a seesind time.

Courts of Common Law (Ireland) Ditto. Police (Counties and Boroughs) In Committee. Civil Service Superannuation To Select Committee. Court of Chancery (Ireland) Ditto. Criminal Appropriation of Trust Property Leave given.

Juveni e Offendera(Ireland)

Grand ury Assessments (Ireland) Ditto.

Metropolis Local Management Act Amendment Ditto. Vaccination • - Ditto • Fire Insurances Ditto.

Among the bills introduced by private Members, are several to conso- lidate classes of statutes. Of these, Sir Fitzroy. Kelly has three bills, relating to Offences against the Person, Testamentary and Matrimonial Jurisdiction, and Procedure and Evidence. Mr. Locke King has one, to consolidate the Statutes relating to ProcedUre and Evidence. Mr Spooner's Maynooth Bill, Sir William Clay's Church-rates Abolition Bill, and Mr. Illoore's Tenant-Right(Ireland) Bill, will prOve fertile in discussion. Mr. Pellatt's Drafts on Bankers' Bill has gone to the Lords. Of the measures which originated in the House of Lords, only one has received the Royal Assent—the Criminal Offene,es Bill. The Leases and Sales-of Settled Estates Bill, the Vice-President of Committee of Council on Education Bill, and the Agricultural Statistics Bill, have reached the Commons. Lord Brougham has added to his Law Reform Measures, a bill to amend the law of Marriage in Scotland.

Nuisances Removal, &v. (Scotland) Read a first time. Registration of Voters (Scotland) - Ditto. Dublin Metropolitan Police Ditto. Juries (Ireland) - Ditto. Lunatic Asylums (Ireland) Ditto. Juvenile Convict Prison (Ireland) Ditto. Bankruptcy and Insolvency (Ireland) Ditto.

Scotch and Irish Paupers Removal Ditto.

Saint Sepulchre's Manor(Dublin) Ditto. Drainage (Ireland) Ditto. Transfer of Works (Ireland) Ditto. Aldershott Camp Ditto. Poor-law Amendment Ditto.

Coal-Whippers (Port of London) Ditto. Prisons (Ireland) Read a second time. . Cambridge University Ditto. West India Loans Ditto.

Pawnbrokers Ditto.

Burial-Grounds (Ireland) Ditto.