10 MAY 1856, Page 20

lint Ids.

The third exhibition of the French School of the Fine Arts opened on Saturday last, at the gallery in Pall Mall where it has already received two years' cordial welcome. It may be considered on the whole a less interesting collection than the previous ones; and those who were in Paris last year will recognize a fair sprinkling of works with which they made acquaintance at the Pales des Beaux Arts. Still the exhibition contains a good deal that might be laid to heart by our artists as instruc- tive and corrective, and the contrast between the two national schools may be strikingly perceived by any one who will cross the road from the Royal Academy. The principal contributors are MM. Biard, with a powerful Arctic incident ; Auguste Bonheurt who rivals his sister in vigour and study, and who has a pack of leaping hounds where the mo- tion is one of the most marvellous things we know in art; Brion ; Dela- roche ; Hamon ; and Frere' whose charming feeling and invention in domestic subjects are displayed in delightful strength. Mademoiselle Rosa Bonheur sends nothing of great importance, but every touch of her hand has grandeur in it ; Henri Scheffer, like his brother Ary at the Academy, has a portrait of Dickens ; and both Ary himself and Delacroix contribute, but without adding eminently to the strength of the exhibition.