10 MAY 1924, Page 21

OTHER NOVELS. Fire Mountain. By Norman Springer. (Fisher Unwin. 7s.

6d.)—The opening chapters of this novel are as good as they could possibly be. The rest of it, which is very ordinary, is by contrast podtively exasperating. The author, like a good American, makes all his incredible villains either English or Japanese.—Card Castle. By Alec Waugh. (Grant Richards. 7s. 6d.)—Mr. Waugh has apparently no longer anything to say, nor has he any particular style in which to say it. But he considers it very naughty to go into the private rooms of restaurants, and he considers writing—if his recent memoir is to be believed—a delightfully simple and unlaborious way of making a living. So pre- sumably he will go on building his Card Castles every few months.—Needles and Pins. By Oliver Madox Hueffer. (Fisher Unwin. 7s. 6d.)—It is very difficult in this Year of Grace to get up an interest in _other people's matrimonial entanglements, especially when the theme is treated, as nowa- days it is sure to be treated, entirely without heroics. Although Mr. Hueffer takes his conception ready made, he has at least the grace not to believe in it too seriously ; and it must be accounted merit to him that by the end of the book he has certainly contrived to pick his hero to pieces pretty success- fully.