10 MAY 1930, Page 2

Lord Irwin evidently does not despair of attracting the more

reasonable Indian leaders to the policy of con- ciliation and conference. He already has the support of the Mohammedans who follow Mr. Jinnah, besides the Liberals and moderates. As the leader of the Servants of India suggests, the forthcoming All-Parties Conference offers the opportunity of a general rapprochement, and we are confident that Lord Irwin will bear in mind the hint of Mohammed Ali, Chief of the Khilafat Party, in his letter of April 15th against allowing "considerations of prestige" on either side to block the way. Inflammatory articles such as that of Lord Brentford in the Daily Mail on Wednesday cannot be evaluated so easily in India as they are here. It is well to remember that the lack of understanding in the London Press as a whole after the Viceroy's declaration in November was among the influences which created the present serious situation.

* *