10 MAY 1930, Page 2

The effect of the new Press ordinance has, unfortunately, been

to multiply " bazaar " rumours, so much so that the Government have issued a special communiqué from Simla with regard to the disturbances at Peshawar. It appears that on April 23rd, when the disorders began, the Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Metcalfe, risked his life in calling upon the hostile mob to disperse before author- izing firing from armoured cars in charge of a military officer. Then the lawless elements, hoping for the support of a rebel chief, the Haji of Turan Gzai, with inflamed tribesmen, were left in possession of the city for about ten days. Early last Sunday morning, however, the civil power, aided by infantry, cavalry and aeroplanes, were able to re-enter the city and clear it of Congress leaders and agitators.

• * *