10 MAY 1930, Page 2

The New Canadian Tariff The new Customs Tariff disclosed in

the Budget of Mr. Charles _Dunning, the Canadian Minister of Finance, gives great advantages to Great' Britain. The Tariff is increased in only eleven items, and is decreased in 270. Some of the most important changes for Great Britain are the reductions in the rates on heavy steel products, and increase's in the British Preferences on ferro-alloys and malt and malt products. By contrast there are increases on light steel articles, which come largely from the United States, and proposals for countervailing duties to prevent the dumping of fruit and other products by American exporters. There is an increase of the British preference on fruit, designed to help the British West Indies and Bermuda. The new Tariff has its lessons for Protectionists, especially in the United States, and gives particular point to the recent letter of 1,000 American economists protesting against the tariff- mongers' attempts to increase prosperity by restricting trade. It is also of the best possible promise for the forthcoming Imperial Conference, as well as for the movement towards freer trade generally. Canada's attention is 'now directed towards Empire trade and it must be the part' of our manufacturers to seize their long-awaited opportunity. * *