10 MAY 1930, Page 26

The April number of Apollo comes as a very pleasant

pendant to the Exhibition of Italian Pictures at Burlington House. Whoever was responsible for the selection of the beautiful coloured and halftone plates which accompany Signor Adolfo Venturrs "Notes on the Exhibition of Italian Art" has shown a happy and uncanny aptitude in choosing those pictures which' one with never able to see properly. Signor Antonio Maraini contributes an extremely interesting article on Italian Art of the nineteenth century. Most • people, naturally enough, paid little attention to this section of the Exhibition, either . because they were too exhausted after seeing, or struggling to see, the earlier pictures, or because they believed, perhaps wrongly, that Italian Art came to an abrupt conclusion with , the deaths of Guardi and Tiepold: This number is memorable for three other articles—the notes' on the Osina collection, the description of the French drawings and engravings in the Albertina at Vienna, and the review of the facsimile reproduction of the Codex Manesse, recently published by John and Edward Btunpus, Ltd., which is accompanied' by seVeral plates of the illuminations. "- • • - . * * *