10 MAY 1930, Page 26

THE IMMORTAL LOVER. By John A. Steuart. (Harrap. 6d.)—Carlyle once

remarked of Robert Burns : "True and genial as his poetry must appear, it is not chiefly as a ' poet but as a man that he interests and affects us." These words provide the motive for Mr. Steuart's romantic history of the Scottish roue, and, since he concerns himself with the man, there is naturally a great deal about women in the book. Burns' Mary, his Jenny, his Clarinda and his Chloris all have their very fair share of the letter-press. All who like a bio- graphy in novel form will be delighted with Mr. Steuart's achievement for it is remarkably well done. He has certainly made the poet live again, has emphasized his arrogance, irrita- bility and gentleness and shown the charm that made all women forgive the man who so "dearly lo'ed the lasses."