10 MAY 1930, Page 3

The Mosley Memorandum The Daily Herald states that the Cabinet

Sub-Committee which has been considering the Mosley Memorandum on Unemployment has "definitely and emphatically" rejected it. This is very interesting information. We have been told at intervals for many weeks that the Cabinet was on the point of giving its reasons for rejecting or accepting the Memorandum, but for one cause or another there was always a postponement. The contents of the Memorandum were, however, disclosed by the Manchester Guardian in March and we then summarized them. The Memorandum is divided into two parts dealing with short-term, or immediate, measures and long-term measures designed for a permanent national reconstruction. A National Council would be created to carry out the larger schemes and huge public loans would be necessary. . There would be a National Import Board for agricultural products. The Rationalization of industry instead of being left to the Banks, as Mr. Thomas desires, would be placed under the control of the State and its Planning Council. Unemployment would be eased by the earlier retirement of workers on pensions, * * * *