10 MAY 1935, Page 2

Ribbon Development Bill At last the Ribbon Development Bill has

been pro:. duced, and read a first time in the House of Lords: It provides highway authorities with power to control building within 220 feet of the middle of the road, and to limit means of access to the road. It also enables the authorities to adopt- standard- widths for roads, building being prohibited within the prescribed area ; and the Minister of Transport may fix standard widths if the authority fails to do so. Landowners who have started building before the Bill becomes law will have a claim to compensation, . to which the Road Fund. will, eon- tribute. • There may be trouble over this. Development companies have, been hurriedly staking out claims by beginning to build, foreseeing that compensation will be offered under the Bill. There is a good clause_proyiding that betterment may be . off-set against compensation claims. • It is imperative that the measure. should be- rushed through both Houses of Parliament. It ought to be provided that no development begun after the intro-