10 MAY 1935, Page 2

Venice and Rome Not much information is available regarding the

results of the Venice. Conference between Italy, Austria and Hungary, but it seems at least to be certain that Hungary, whose intentions were in some doubt, is quite ready to attend the larger conference to be held at Rome early next month for the discussion of Danubian questions generally and the evolution of an agreed policy of non- interference in Austria in particular. That is something gained. So is the fact, if it be a fact, that Hungary intends to lodge no far-reaching rearmament demands at the moment. But the real difficulties lie ahead and arc still unsolved. The objections to any union between Germany and Austria are manifest, and the opposition of Italy and France to such a move is implacable. But it must be frankly recognized that if once it is definitely established that a substantial majority of the Austrian people and of the German people desire the " Anschluss " there can, for Great Britain at any rate, be no justification for resistance to the unfettered popular will. But it is vital that the will shall be unfettered, which it is in neither country today.