10 MAY 1935, Page 27


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—Mr. Nicol's letter leads logically to the conclusion that all international trade is a danger to the cause of peace. Mr. Nicol is hard on oil, which,- apparently, must always be " Struggled for." But he concedes that other less obviously inflammatory subjects, such as pigs and tractors, may also engender bitterness and strife between nations.

The theory that wars are provoked by the struggle for markets and commodities was interesting until, latterly, it became overdone. When so stated as to lead to the conclusion that salvation can be found in abolishing foreign trade entirely, and making every nation completely self-sufficient, or quasi self-sulficient, it seems to bear all the marks of an absurdity.—

I am, Sir, yours faithfully, T. C. 0 WTRAM. 87 Kinnerton Street, Wilton Place, S.117.1.