10 MAY 1935, Page 3

His comparison of the international . position as he had seen

it on his 'recent tour with Mr. Eden, with the aspect it wore a year ago, was particularly effective. " I have been appalled," he said, "at the deterioration in the situation in those short twelve months. Last year there was a real basis for a settlement. This 'year I very much doubt if there is. There seem to be forces in Europe today which are definitely making for war. Those forces will not be deterred by well-meaning sentiments from British statesmen or British newspapers. They will be deterred by one thing, and one thing only—a realization that a policy of force cannot succeed." The other notable feature of a very interesting debate was Sir Herbert Samuel's change of front. Only last July he was pro- testing, with reason and force. against the proposals of the Government to strengthen the Air Force, but here he was stating very definitely that if a case was made out for such an increase, and "it is clear that this country is left in a position of inferiority in the air, Liberals would certainly not take the responsibility of leaving this country in that state." In that he was but reflecting a very definite change of opinion among the electors.