10 MAY 1935, Page 61


At the meeting of Spillers, Limited, the Chairman, the Right Hon. Sir Malcolm A. Robertson, after congratulating the shareholders on the strength of the Balance Sheet, said that the. increase in the issued capital of the Company was neces- sitated by the bonus earned by co-partners in the preceding year, and a further issue of co-partnership shares of approxi- mately the same amount would be required if the recommen- dations as to dividends were adopted. Later, in the course of his address, Sir Malcolm made some interesting references to the importation of foreign flour. He said that while there might be evidence that such importations were decreasing there was no guarantee that such decrease would continue. He then showed from figures obtained that imports from France, Italy and Germany combined bad increased from 49,580 sacks in 1925 to 1,056,387 sacks in 1934. He main- tained that Great Britain produced the best and cheapest (Continued on page viii.) Financial Notes (Continued from page vii)

flour in the world, and if our flour mills ran full time they could produce in any year more than the country's internal consumption demanded.

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