10 MAY 1935, Page 61


The report of the Dunlop Rubber Company for 1934 is a distinctly good one, the net profit amounting to /1,687,687 as compared with £1,512,866 for the previous year. In spite of this satisfactory showing as regards profits, it will be re- membered that the dividend was unchanged, and the reason for that fact was made clear by the full report. Among other things, it is stated that, owing to conditions in Germany, the Company has not credited Profit and Loss Account with any part of the profits made in Germany owing to the impossibility of remitting dividends or surplus funds out of Germany. Con- ditions in some other foreign countries also continue to be difficult, for the rise in the price of rubber 'increased the cost of the Company's products. The. Balance Sheet discloses a thoroughly good position, the book value of fixed assets having been reduced by £199,055 as compared with the previous year. Investments and advances have risen by

1098,734, while current assets are £632,143 higher at £5,586,286. Against this increase in the current assets the amounts owing to subsidiary and associated companies have risen from 11,513,059 to 11,685,752, while the amount due to sundry creditors is 2654,793 against 2545,010.

* * * *