10 MAY 1935, Page 61


The Shares of Insurance Companies fall for the most part so fully into the rank of high-class investment stocks that at first sight they might seem perhaps to be less suitable for the application of the Trust principle than some of the more speculative stocks and shares-. A closer examination, however, shows that there is a great deal to be said for the spreading of capital even over the purchase of Insurance Shares, and I would recommend those who desire further information on the point to write to the Offices of the Trust of Insurance Shares Limited, at 165 Moorgate, E.C., for their pamphlet explaining the whole principle of the Trust, and how the purpose of sale of what is known as Insurance Units can be effected. The Directors of some of the leading Insurance Companies are on the Board of the Trust and the buying and selling price of the Insurance Units will be found each day in the leading news- papers. By the purchase of these Insurance Unit Certificates the investor can invest as Small a sum as £10 or any larger sum in a well-distributed holding of Insurance shares in the best Insurance Companies.

* * * *