10 NOVEMBER 1832, Page 2

The political news from France, with the exception of the

dis- cussions or gossip on the subject of the Belgian expedition, has been during the week slight in interest and small in quantity. M. Dormi , t is now finally resolved, will be proposed, with his cavn entire concurrence, as the Ministerial candidate for the Presi- dency of the Chamber of Deputies • from which fact, the conclu- sion. is drawn, that he may in a short time be prevailed on yet further to extend his condescension, and to become a part of the Cabinet, with which he is now on So friendly terms. LAkirrs will, it is understood„ be Vice-President without opposition, with the reversion Of the Presidency shmild Dmitri beccime an integral Tart of the Ministry. The prospect of a successful if not a quiet session, is now said to be pretty well assured; thus proving the truth of our Observation on the Ministry's being formed, that there was more of show than reality in the opposition with which it Was threatened; and as PM/1Sn had triuraphed over ene- mies who were incapable of urging any thing but barren gene- ralities against him, so would Soma, notwithstanding the hail- storm of paper pellets with which the Journals sought to over- whelm him.

Marshal C4ERARD left Paris, for his head-qtatters at Valenciennes, on Thursday sennight, in the evening. The French Commissariat are already busy in Belgima, arranging for the brief campaign.