10 NOVEMBER 1832, Page 6


Sweepstakes of 25 sovs.-each.

Mr. Henry's Protocol 1 Mr. Osbaldeston's Apuotador 2

Mr. Smith's Zarina a

on by tea lengths. Match.—General Grosvenor's Glancus beat Lord Orford's c. by -Jerry, 500, by three lengths. Match.—Mr. I. Day's Temperance beat Mr. Smith's hr. f. by Partisan. 25. Handicap Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each. Mr. Forth's Marvel, 4 yrs. ist. ;lb 1 Mr. Hnnter's Bouncioa, by Partisan Lord Tavistoek's Taurus a Won by two lengths. Match.—Mr. Ley's Partiality beat Mr. Thornbill's Silly Billy. 50. by a length. Match.—Lord Jersey's Fingal beat Mr. Hunter's e. by Gustavus, 50, by a length and a half.

Mr. Ley's Partiality beat Mr. R. Pettit's Little Fanny, 25, by half a length. Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each. Mr. Yates's Gab, 4 yrs 1 Mr. Greville's Dryad, 3 yrs Three others started and two paid. Won by a length. Match.—Mr. Payne's ch. c. by Wrangler beat Mr. Spalding's Lady Charlotte, 50, Match.—Mr. Payne's Corset received 30 sovs, forfeit from Mr. Greville's Dryad. Match.—Mr. Spalding's b. f. Lady Charlotte, agst. Mr. Payne's ch. c. by Wrangler. Off by consent.