10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 1

Mr. Renter received on November 6 a statement that the

Emperor Maximilian had resigned. On November 9 this was denied, doubtless to the advantage of all who had bought Mexican bonds. It does not matter a straw whether the statement is true or not. The French have "completed their concentrative move- ment," the transports have been collected at Brest to bring them back, and the instant they depart, Juarez, the only President recognized by the Union, will be re-established by an American corps d'arrnee sufficient to secure order. Whether Sonora and Lower California have been ceded in return is doubtful, but it is evident from an order issued by General Sheridan that the American Government has determined that Mexico shall neither be Austrian nor anarchical. If Juarez can rely on his own race and 20,000 Americans, the expulsion of the Emperor will be a mere incident in his campaign for the restoration of order.