10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 1


THE right is winning fast in America. The elections to Con- grew for New York, New Jersey, Tllinois, Wisconsin, Massa- chusetts, Delaware, Michigan, and Missouri came off on the 6th inst., and for Maryland and Kansas on the following day. All States were carried by the Liberals except Delaware and Mary- land, which belong properly to the South. Maryland voted on the Republican side last year, but her defection is of no importance, as she has only five seats, and Delaware has only one. The total ma- jority is not yet known, as Renter's statement, "the Radicals have carried all the elections," can scarcely be literally true as to Con- gressmen, though quite true as to Governors ; but in any case the Liberals have an immense majority. The future is now in their hands, and we trust with the whole people thus united they will pass a last Constitutional Amendment enabling Congress by a two-third majority to refer any President back to the people for re-election during the remainder of his term. This will make the nation really sovereign over the Federation, and dispose finally, as an incidental advantage, of Mr. Andrew Johnson's claims to be Dictator of the Republic. This is the more necessary, because if the right could ever be made wrong by the folly of its advocates, Mr. Thaddeus Stevens and Mr. Sumner would succeed in making freedom of labour seem an unrighteous cause.