10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 1

The India House has published Lord Napier's report on the

measures by which he has quelled the famine in Ganjam. We have quoted the most interesting paragraphs elsewhere, but would merely mention here that the whole merit of the work appears to be due to the Governor of Madras himself. It is quite as unusual for him to travel through a famine-stricken district at Abe extremity of his dominions, as for the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal ; it is still more unusual for him to visit pesti- ferous "houses of relief," doctors being usually delegated to that unpleasing task; and it is most unusual of all for him to admit, as Lord Napier does, that he ought to have acted earlier, and should have done so but "that governments are slow believers in public calamities." The man who accepted that despatch,

4. whether he wrote it or not,—it looks like Mr F.Gis's,—is clearly up to the level of his position..