10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 15


[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—May I intrude once again, and ask your correspondent "M. D.," and-others who think and feel with him, not to wait at this juncture for vestry meetings—so far as the diocese of London is concerned, there will scarcely be any held this aide of Christmas —but at once, now the subject is taking deep hold of the public mind, strengthen the agitation by obtaining in each district or congregation a number of signatures to a document, and get it laid before the Bishop of London at his forthcoming visitation ? These London visitations generally give the key-note to ecclesiasti- cal topics for some time to come, and the important influence for good or evil is not circumscribed to London's jurisdiction, but by the wings of the press its influence penetrates every parish. We have had in the past so many evidences of the Bishop's desire to make the Church and its services adapted to the people's benefit, that when he has had submitted to him a general expression of feeling in this direction, we may hope he will not fail to do his part in the matter. In the last number of the Church Times the editor and a correspondent complain of the number of clergymen who omitted to read this said Creed on Sunday week, and suggests that cases of similar breaches may be recorded in their columns. I hope the number will increase, and those like "M. D.," when they happen to be present when it is read, will keep their seats, and refrain from publicly acknowledging it. Many thanks, Mr. Editor, for the great service you have rendered towards the accomplish- ment of the desired end. W. Anrraonr. Bishopsgate, November 5, 1866.