10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

Sir James Lewis Knight Brace, the late Lord Justice, has

died, for all practical purposes, in harness. He had not resigned his datim for a fortnight before his death, which took place at Roe- bampton on Wedeesday afternoon, at the age of seventy-five. He was a very able, but notepethaps, a great lawyer, for it has gsnerally been said of -him that he had so keen an instinct for the practical justice of any case that he would unconsciously twist the law to suit the exigencies of the special case, while the late Lord Cottenham, to whom the appeal from his decisions at one time went, rather inclined to twist the facts of the case to make them suit better the general exigencies of the law. Sir Knight Bruce was one of the wittiest of a witty-profession. his judgment in the case of Burgess's sauces, in which one of the -Brothers Burgess, who had inherited the business from his father, applied to the Court to restrain the younger brother from carrying on the same business under the same name, will be long remembered. "All the Queen's subjects are entitled to manufacture pickles and sauces, and not the less so that their fathers have -done it before them. All the Queen's -subjects are entitled to -use their own names, and not the less so that their fathers have done it before them." The conclusion followed. Sir Knight Bruce was a Con-

servative, and in his place in the Judicial Committee of the ivy Council dissented from the broad view taken by his coadjutors-in their judgment on the Gorham case.