10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

The Bishop of Salisbury is .very , °Noy -with- LordSidaey Godolphin

Osborne, not because be often writes- rtrash which nobody would reatinuless 'written by. a dukets son, -but because- he recently-affirende in a very sensible letter, that an Englieh,cleegy- man-was not -a priest. The Bishop declares that the Church,-by her Ordination Service, " justifies those who have, been so ordained in believing that they have had committed-to -them the -same powers which the priests of :the rest of the Catholic Charch, both in the East and West, have ever claimed, as their inheritance." In other words, the Bishop affirms-that a easnwho,the,day- before was a layman, is by mere admission -into a mystic caste invested with the power to forgive sins,,to shut the:gates of heaven, and to "call God as a -sacrifice to the altar." That is-what-priests "in the East and- West" believe, and-what:nine hundred and ninety- nine Englishmen-in a thousand :regard -as blasphemous nonsense. If the Bishops can only succeed in making encerdotalism instead of Ritualism the field Of battleitikerwilllininteatissially-effeat real toed-