10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 21

Archie Lovell. By Mrs. Edwards. (Tinsley.)—A very pretty story indeed,

very well told, with incidents which are both possible and natural. The leading figure, a French bred English girl, who, in pure ignorance, gets into a sad scrape against the conventions, tells lies, and rights herself by a desperate effort to speak the whole truth to her own hurt, is most clearly drawn, without a touch of exaggeration, except, per- haps, as to her ignorace of the world. A girl running loose about Boulogne would hardly be unaware that she must not make clandestine expedi- tions to London in company with an admirer. Still Archie is natural, and the double nature of such a woman, the surface Bohemianism and real respect for the conventionalities, is admirably hit off. To those who like the true novel of comedy as it was before sensationalism triumphed, we can cordially recommend Archie Lovell.