10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 21

Heber's Hymns, Illustrated. (Sampson Low.)—An exquisitely printed edition of these

popular hymns, profusely illustrated with borders and vignettes by artists of mark. The illustrations strike us as best when they are least ambitious, Mr. W. Lawson, for instance, succeeding in "Family Affliction," an English scene, quite intelligible and pathetic, while Mr. Salons comparatively fails in his "Christ in the Temple dis- puting with the Doctors." It was bold to challenge comparison with Holman Hunt, and Mr. Salons fails in the central figure. This is not the serene child conscious of a wisdom greater than the doctors', but an actress—we mean the feminine termination—with a finger raised thea- trically in vehement demonstration. The edition, will, however be very welcome in the houses where Bishop Heber is appreciated, and where it is considered fitting that even the drawing-room books should have a religious character.