10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 21

The Lays of Ancient Rome. Illustrated. (Longmans.)—The edition would be

perfect, but for two things. The print is one degree too small, so small that it is a work of high art to print clearly from it, and the binding, as usual with all fancy binding this year, is inappropriate. The gilding on it has a spluttery effect, and we would put it to any first- rate binder whether he has any sound argument for giving a book an obverse and reverse like a medal. The Lays, however, are better bound than most such books, the outline drawings are appropriate and clear, and the bordering of the "Prophecy of Capys," a panorama of the incidents of a Roman triumph, is infinitely more satiafactory than the ordinary arabesques. It will bear a strong glass, a great triumph of printing. Altogether the edition is a real addition to editions de luxe.