10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 3

Dr. Tyndall has written by far the . ablest defetice . of Mr. E'

policy in Jamaica hitherto printed, :bidet even he breitirs doirn hopelessly, we conclude there is nothing more to be said. His Line of argument is to point to the 'terrible' incidents Of the • Hayti rising in 1793,-, to identify the premonitory' symptoms in Jamaica with the premonitory symptoms in Haiti, to recall that a former rebellion in Jamaica which everybody supposed Suppressed in May burst out with double fury in January, and to infer from these indications that Mr, Eyre was quite right to - prolong military -terror for a considerable_ lentrth of time, in order to prevent a second outbreak. 'Dr._ Tyndall only forgets that Mr. Eyre -himself' was satisfied of .the - effectual suppression of the • riot, -or insurrection, • or Whatever it really was,--within five daysi of 'the otitbreak,--sci satisfied that he declined military' aid from a -neighbouring - pciwer ; and that his military force was swelled by-largo accessions from Barbadoesiong before the end of the reign -of- military terror. DomiDr. Tyndall really think it morally right -in-any Governor •- to refute military aid • as unnecessary when the -only alternative is to. terrify by hanging end whipping, withcint the pretence Of tither justice or -Mercy,' for weeks -beyond what Would Otherwise be needful? Greeting Dr. Tyndall's own esti- Mate of the *probabilities; Irhich • is, however, not the estimate of the -Commissioners, who ditpleye•d quite sufficient bias to -Mr. Eyre's side, what kaiseciadact could be . greater- than to' dispense with aid which' Would have rendered -a' reign Of terror fleetness,' in -Order to have a justifieatien for iaditerintinate flogging and iihngink? Is' indiscriminate ' &deity On • a large -Wale, administered by stall Men as Captain Hole; and Lieutenant Brink and- Pievcitt- Marshal Ramsay,' either qUite the nehlett'Avey ortptite the Most prudent way to prevent fresh outrage? Dr. Tyndall has pecttlifir views of justice and--prudence- if -he thinks so,. and as to Mr. Gordon, he appeSis to WU-ire-the feet thrit the Conuniesienei-ithem- Selves had no dOnbt of 'his'intiyetlides and-that no - evidence has ever been produeed -agaiiiisthini 'that Wel& -have 'get the eSett corentitted for trial in'Ettglitihi.