10 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 3

Mr. Coleridge on' Wednesday pronounced the 'apeech ' at the

'annual Meeting of the Articled Clerks' Society, and tdek ocittation tO read a sera* leetUre to the eilibiyci atterneys,-advisintthein to beware of the "vulgar Vanity,.the tiresome -egotism, anctseif- display sometimes so jiittly laid by men Of the World to the charge of the legal 'prdfettion,'" and the unscrtipttlituaneat Which had some - kiines a foundation in truth. He quoted Wordsworth's Wes, de- m:anteing' the "'teem:tees of' that practised eye, the liaraittiss of that tallow 'flute," inn fine petorittitin,leci-deelared that a laivirer Should be• a Mid tpetieits httriditr. Perhaps When' Mr. Coleridge it Lord High Chancellor of England -he'tvill remember this speech, and try-to tempt higherined into the o' 'by 'opening to it some of the prizes it so sadly needs. Therellinotlflog to be gained ia it but nioney,'neitherpower, nor 'diatined on, no mien higli'sdelal rink. A sucking barrister Sees 'the WoOlsifek; a tucking attorney only a balance at hiabiaers.