10 NOVEMBER 1883, Page 15

V.—Tums.k's Dino E.

Thaisa fair, under the cold sea lying, Sleeps the long sleep denied to her by Earth ; We, adding sighs unto the wild winds' sighing, With all our mourning under-mourn her worth : The white waves toss their crested plumes above her,

Round sorrowing faces with the salt spray wet,

All are her lovers that once learned to love her, And never may remember to forget : Shells for her pillow Amphitrite bringeth, And sad nymphs of the dank weed weave her shroud; Old Triton's horn her dirge to Ocean singeth, Whose misty caverns swell the echo loud : And, while the tides rock to and fro her bier, What was Thaisa lies entombed here.