10 NOVEMBER 1883, Page 2

It is asserted in Vienna that a serious insurrection has

broken out in Servia, the militia of one district at least being in open mutiny against an order to deliver up their arms to the newly- organised Reserves. The Government of Belgrade deny the seriousness of the movement, but some 7,000 troops have been despatched to put it down, and all the Radical leaders in Belgrade have been arrested. The insurgents proclaimed Prince Kara- georgevitch King of Servia, and it would seem to be true that the great unpopularity of King Milano makes any rising serious. The European importance of the event arises from the chance that King Milano may be dethroned, and be succeeded by a man of Panslavic tendencies, in which case Austria would occupy Servia, and the long-expected war with Russia would be pre- cipitated. It is most probable that the movement will be suppressed, but the risk of assassination is never absent in Servia, and the people have imbibed an idea that a more Radical Government would seriously lighten both the taxes and military service.