10 NOVEMBER 1883, Page 2

It is by no means clear that the Democrat Party

in the Union will carry the White House next year. They expected to do so, but the " fall " elections, which have just begun, show considerable reaction. Massachusetts has rejected its Democrat Governor, General Butler, and in Pennsylvania and Minnesota the Republicans have been elected by heavy majori- ties. Even in New York, though it remains Democrat, a Republican has been elected Secretary of State by a majority of 17,000. Should the reaction continue, the fight will be a close one, and will probably turn on the personal qualities of the candidates. It seems to be understood that the Democrats will run old Mr. Tilden, who some years ago obtained a clear majority of the total votes, though not of the States ; but the Republicans are undecided as to their candidate. He will probably be a man comparatively unknown, as President Arthur has no chance, and no member of his Cabinet has much hold upon the people.