10 NOVEMBER 1883, Page 3

Mr. Fawcett made a graceful and vigorous speech to his

con- stituents at Hackney on Thursday, in which, as he always does, he stuck to his colours like a man, repeating his old reasons for giving the suffrage to women, for abolishing the faggot qualifi- cations for county constituencies, for securing the representa- tion of minorities, and for exempting India from the cost of such expeditions as the Egyptian expedition of last year. On the subject of the faggot qualifications, Mr. Fawcett was un- answerable, and much that he said on the representation of minorities was very valuable, though he did not suggest how, if the present three-cornered • constituencies were to be retained and extended, their anomalies were to be pared away. It is getting high time now to come to details on points of this kind, and if anybody knows how to make the representation of minorities feasible, and not liable to a catastrophe whenever a minority Member dies or resigns, we wish he would state his plan to the country. Mr. Hare's is far too complicated for success.