10 NOVEMBER 1883, Page 3

The Oxford memorial concerning the physiological laboratory, which asks, we

believe, that no experiments on living animals shall be made in the new Oxford laboratory except under anaesthetics, and none at all on the higher domestic animals, will probably be considered by the Hebdomadal Council next Monday. It has received, we understand, 142 signatures,—rather over 100 from members in Oxford and its suburbs, and the rest from a circle of about fifteen miles round. Three Heads of Houses and nine University Professors have signed it, and we are told that Magdalen men have signed it more numerously than any College but one, and, in proportion to the size of the College, far more numerously than any. Now, as Professor Burdon Sanderson is as officio a Fellow of Magdalen, and as Magdalen has for years past had a physiological laboratory of its own, this popularity of the memorial among Magdalen men is highly significant.