10 NOVEMBER 1950, Page 16

"Zbe itopettator," Aobernbet 6th, 1850


Stoke Newington, 7th November, 1850. Snt,—The important intelligence which has lately been com- municated- to the public that arrangements are likely to be made for opening a--communication 'between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, must I think, naturally suggest to—the com- mercial world, that a sister enterprise, the ship-canal across the Isthmus of Suez, has been too long delayed. In these days, surely, engineering difficulties ,cannot be admitted as sufficient reason for the neglect of such a scheme: as to political objections, a treaty similar to that negotiated by Sir Henry Bulwer would obviate them. The five Great powers and the United States might be invited to join in a guarantee that the canal should be open for all nations ; and such guarantee would be the very best security Egypt could possibly desire for thc permanent integrity of her territory.—I am, Sir, your