10 NOVEMBER 1950, Page 20


Stn,—Mr. Harold Nicolson is incorrect in thinking that the sub- stitution of "Foch, Joffre et Clemenceau" for "Madelon, Madelon, Madelon" in the final, verse of this favourite old French song was an addition of the old French woman whom he heard singing it. The substitution was made in the "Madelon de la Victoire version of the song to much the same tune that was composed in the summer of 1919 to commemorate the peace. I heard it sung many times in Le Havre at that time and bought myself a copy of the song and Overseas Club, Si, James's, S.W.1. ,•—a special music which I kept for many years.—Yours, etc., J. P. BARDSTEY.