10 NOVEMBER 1950, Page 22

SIR. —Janus draws attention to Scrutator's use of the double plural

" propagandas," now nosing its way into our language. There is an obvious analogy in the word " operas," well-established in its dramatic meaning, though deriving as a double plural from "opus." What seems to me far more questionable is the pronunciation of "opus" with a long " o" this being allowed as an alternative accent in standard diction- aries, though never used in the plural " opera." But this would have been punishable in our school days as a false quantity. What advantage is there in perpetuating it ? I should like to initiate a little propagandum that music critics and B.B.C. announcers be discouraged from com- mitting the solecism " 8pus."-1 am, Sir, yours faithfully,