10 NOVEMBER 1950, Page 5

The decision of Pandit Nehru not to accept nomination for

the Chancellorship of Cambridge comes as a great relief to me per- sonally, for in a momentary blackout I asserted last week that B.A.s had votes in this contest, as they did in Parliamentary contests. That, of course, is not so ; only members of the Senate, vote for Chancellor. For forty-eight hours I had visions of droves of B.A.s flocking to Cambridge, finding themselves voteless and suing me for their fares Thanks to Mr. Nehru's withdrawal that danger is obviated. Since I wrote last week one interesting point has been put to me. The Chancellor confers degrees with the formula, "in nomine Pains, Fiji et Spiritus Sancti admitto te, &c.," which would seem in the mouth of a Chancellor who did not at least profess the Christian faith, too grave an anomaly.