10 NOVEMBER 1990, Page 14


A reader received this letter explaining the one he received from the 'Ann Camp Customer Postal Service' (Unlet- tered, 27 October).

Dear Sir: We are sorry for the letter which you may have found difficulty in reading but it wasa [sic] in code so that no-one else would know what we were on about. The unfortunate thing was that you had not got the up-today [sic] code book.

We only sell the type of shirts that are listed in our catalogue, copy enclosed as we donot [sic] know if you have had one. All the shirts are made from Sea Island cotton and are very comfortable to wear and we are sure that you would be very please [sic] with them.

Yours sinceley [sic]

B. R. Camp

If you have an example of a crass, illiterate, irrelevant or embarrassing let- ter from a company or public body, send a copy to Unlettered, The Specta- tor, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL; £10 for each one printed.