10 NOVEMBER 1990, Page 61

Solution to 981: Not so good 0 , 8 nan 4 E

rmairdia .

areneerli3111NOCT"P Incanco a CO T I MO_ b a Arqu3E RierrErsa illerlarirrion N a Lac lila N onEllerhilrerr 1

0 R R noneraine 0 P a T dad . N A Ta R

A S Lin orriarkin e TEA p rinciorrure Am

na Fin . Ammon _ E cm L erioner N EIT ogneEnun vic ankAundRuEsomE

The unclued lights are synonyms of SICK as either adjective or noun. At 5A AILING is also acceptable.

Winners: Hugh Evans, Llangefni, Gwynedd (£20); Mrs A.D.Gill, Warlingham, Surrey; C.Taylor, Northwich, Cheshire.