10 OCTOBER 1970, Page 18


From: B. L. Stapleton. Douglas W. Franklin, Michael Bassett, S. F. Hagan, Louis Claiborne, F. R. Lyon, Daniel Armwrighter. V. W. S. Leatherdale, John Palmer, P. N. L. Lycett, C. H. A. French, Anthony J. C. Kerr, Professor Richard Lynn, M. E. Farmer, William F. Pickard.

Where was George?

Sir: Blackpool 1970 and no George Brown! And no comment from you either. Did he get his dates mixed up and will he turn up with the Torres? It is quite incompre- hensible that a man of his stature and influence should so easily be excluded from the scene: after all he is probably the best Prime Minister we didn't get and it's our loss. But then we are still too puritan a country for George Brown to have made it—do ask Peter Paterson to find out what happened.

B. L. Stapleton 11 Ardleigh Court, Ardleigh, Colchester, Essex