10 OCTOBER 1970, Page 18

Spider in loo

Sir: My own experience suggests that it is premature of your Note Book to conclude (3 October) that spiders fall into baths from ceilings rather than emerge from the waste- pipe.

This morning I discovered a spider in my lavatory bowl. It could not have fallen from the ceiling because I always make a point (for fastidious reasons of my own) of shutting the seat immediately after use. Now, refusing to credit the creature with the prodigious feat of swimming up the S-bend. I examined the flushing mechanism of the lavatory and have been forced to assume that it could. indeed must, have arrived via the cistern—a journey which in human terms is very much akin to jump- ing Niagara Falls without the cus- tomary barrel.

I have no firm basis for making this assumption, however, for scruples and the current sewage crisis have conspired to prevent me from making experiments in this direction with dead spiders. Daniel Armwrighwr Moats Tye, Stowrnarket, Suffolk