10 OCTOBER 1970, Page 19

Old men of the Kremlin

Sir: in his article (26 September) about the length of time some Russians stay in office your con- tributor did not name the man, Mr Suslov who as I remember has been in office since before 1948. He came here during that year as a member of a delegation of 20 of the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR at the invitation of tim Govern- ment and were entertained under arrangements made by Govern- ment hospitality at which time I had the honour to be a member.' The leaders of the delegation was Vasilli Kusuetsov now the chief of the current administration of the Russian forces in Czechslovakia and Mr Suivenov the poet, also a member of the delegation, is now I understand the head of Intelligence on the border with China in the province of Siukiang. The,delegation was here a month, and I came to know them well during their stay.

C. H. A. French United Service Club, Pall Mall, swl