10 OCTOBER 1998, Page 38

A selection of recent paperbacks

Fiction: The Perfect Treasure by Sophia Watson, Sceptre, £6.99 The Zigzag Kid by David Grossman, Bloomsbury, £6.99 The Untouchable by John Banville, Picador, £5.99 An Instance of the Fingerpost by lain Pears, Vintage, £7.99 Night Train by Martin Amis, Vintage, £5.99 The Actual by Saul Bellow, Penguin, £5.99 The Essence of the Thing by Madeline St John, Fourth Estate, £6.99 Non-fiction: Spanish Hours by Simon Courtauld, Libri Mundi, £10.95 Not Alan Clark's Diaries by Peter Brad- shaw, Pocket Books, £6.99 The Shameful Life of Salvador Dali by Ian Gibson, Faber, £14.99 Hogarth by Jenny Uglow, Faber, £14.99 Joyce and Ginnie edited by Janie Hampton, Sceptre, £8.,99 Younger Brother, Younger Son by Colin Clark, HarperCollins, £7.99 Glen Gould by Peter F. Ostwald, Norton, $15 Essays in Appreciation by Christopher Ricks, OUP, £8.99 South from the Limpopo by Dervla Murphy, Flamingo, £7.99 Believing in Opera by Tom Sutcliffe, Faber, £14.99 Frozen Desire by James Buchan, Picador, £7.99 Dear Bill by W.F. Deedes, Pan, £7.99 Daniel Defoe by Richard West, Flamingo, £8.99 The House of Lords by John Wells, Sceptre, £7.99 The Conversion of Europe by Richard Fletcher, Fontana, £10.99 True to Both My Selves by Katrin Fitz- Herbert, Virago, £7.99 A Kentish Lad by Frank Muir, Corgi, £7.99 Black and Gold by Peter Demetz, Penguin, £9.99 Keats by Andrew Motion, Faber, £14.99 Victor Hugo by Graham Robb, Picador, £8.99 Virgin Islands by Gore Vidal, Abacus, £7.99 My Rise and Fall by Benito Mussolini, with an introduction by Richard Lamb, Da Capo, $18.95 Britain on the Couch by Oliver James, Arrow, £7.99 Poetry: Collected Poems by C. H. Sisson, Carcanet, £12.95