10 SEPTEMBER 1948, Page 16


Ste,—Our present ill-fortune in the matter of space is doubtless the reason why the death of Alec Wyatt Tilby, at 68, in a Glasgow hospital, has passed almost without notice in the London Press. He was a journalist of long and valuable service, scholarly and widely informed, especially on European and Commonwealth affairs, with a generous mind and a graceful style. A brief editorship of the Evening Standard in the First World War was followed by four years in charge of the Outlook, and then of the Saturday Review for two years under a troubled ownership not long before the paper's demise. During his last four years he was senior leader-writer of the Glasgow Herald.

Tilby's The English People Overseas (six volumes) was a sound and needed survey some thirty years ago. Philosophy was a major interest of his. The Quest for Reality would undoubtedly have been followed up but for his steady devotion to journalism. He was held in affectionate esteem by colleagues at every stage.—Faithfully yours,