10 SEPTEMBER 1948, Page 4

The first Lord Esher, who knew more about the Commonwealth,

and talked more sense, than most men, wrote once: " In this next ten years the Empire will have to federate or dissolve." That was in 19r0 ; the ten years expired in 192o. The dictum—and its fate— are worth remembering when Mr. Attlee's famous " Europe must federate or perish " is quoted, as it is somewhere or other about twice a week. Apropos of that, I am glad to see that Mr. Amery, writing in United Europe about the United Europe which we all want to see if we can put our own interpretation on unity, assumes a relationship of understanding and close co-operation like that existing between the States of the Commonwealth, and holds that if anything like the American Federation were contemplated, this country could form no part of it. A timely and sound judgement. * * * *