11 APRIL 1891, Page 2

Mr. Maclean, Q.C., M.P. for the Woodstock Division of Oxfordshire,

has been appointed a Master in Lunacy, which vacates his seat. Mr. Maclean, a Liberal Unionist, was elected without opposition in 1886, so that we hardly know the strength of the rival parties. This time the seat is to be con- tested, not between a Liberal Unionist and a Gladstonian, but between a Conservative and a Gladstonian. The nomination is next Tuesday, and the polling on Tuesday week (21st 'inst.) Mr. G. H. Morrell is the Conservative candidate, and Mr. G. R. Benson, of Balliol College, Oxford, is the Gladstonian. The latter was travelling in Spain when Mr. Maclean resigned, but is returning at once to contest the seat. In 1885, the then united Liberals elected Mr. Maclean as a Liberal by 4,327 votes, against 4,138 Conservative votes ; majority, 189. As many more than one hundred of the former Liberals must be Liberal Unionists, there ought not to be any danger of the election of a Home-ruler.